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Intensely-Cold Cross-Country Experience (ICE)

Tracks will be 2.5-3.5 miles long with a combination of motocross and cross-country. Properties will have parking lots to help fight rain out conditions.

Saturday will be a 2 moto format (except PeeWee classes). Each moto is 25 min long. Sunday is an hour long race on the same track.

Each day of the weekend is a seperate points race. In a way it is a 6 race series in only 3 weekends. There wll be 1 drop race, so best 5 finishes count for year end points.

Pro Payouts will be 100% payback. 1-3 entries, 1st paid. 4-7 entries, 1st & 2nd paid. 8-more entries, 1st & 2nd & 3rd paid.

Background color requirements:

Pro 1-99 Blue
Beginner1-99Lt. Blue
Open Am1-99White
Open Int1-99Black
Open Exp1-99Red
Lite Am100-199White
Lite Int100-199Black
Lite Exp100-199Red
Over 30 Am300-399White
Over 30 Int300-399Black
Over 30 Exp300-399Red
Over 40 Am400-499White
Over 40 Int400-499Black
Over 40 Exp400-499Red
Over 50 Am600-699White
Over 50 Int600-699Black
Over 50 Exp600-699Red
Over 60700-799White
Ladies Beg800-899Lt. Blue
Ladies Am800-899White
Ladies Int800-899Black
Ladies Exp800-899Red
Mini Am900-999White
Mini Int900-999Black
65cc Am200-299Yellow
65cc Int100-199Yellow
65cc Exp1-99Yellow
50cc Am600-699Yellow
50cc Int500-599Yellow
50cc Exp400-499Yellow


Otherwise all standard TORN Racing Rules apply.

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TORN (Texas Off-Road Nationals) is a family owned and operated Christian racing organization. We race UTVs, ATVs, and Dirtbikes on both Saturday and Sunday about once a month. We hold races because we have a love for the sport and for the people racing. We hope to see you out and enjoying the weekend with us soon.