Why Race TORN?



Water Truck

At TORN we have our own 2,000 gallon water truck which allows our staff to keep dust down in the pit areas and on dusty portions of the race course. This gives racers and spectators the most enjoyable experience possible.

Well Marked

At TORN, we take a lot of pride in having our race courses marked extremely well, making sure you, the rider, has no issues finding your way around the track. We even have our own signs and ribbons made to ensure there is no confusion.

Professionally Operated

At TORN, our staff is paid to do what they do and have years of experience. We take care of our riders by keeping on time with our schedule and running the race weekend like a well oiled machine.

Seperate Tracks

TORN builds three tracks for every weekend. The bike track is marked with red ribbon, the ATV and UTV track is marked with white ribbon, and the Pee-Wee track is marked with blue ribbon.

All Day Registration

Our scoring and registration staff is available all day Saturday and Sunday to sign up, so you dont have to rush once you get to the track. This also cuts down on lines since everyone can come at their own convenience. We have no Membership fees and you can purchase your numbers and backgrounds at registration.

High Quality Tracks

We don't enjoy racing the exact same track over and over at TORN. So we go out and figure a brand new track layout at every location every year so you get a different experience everytime you come race with us.

Track Length

At TORN, our tracks are built between 4 and 5 miles in length. Doing this lets racers memorize the track easier so they can ride harder, and safer. Shorter tracks also make it better for spectators to watch since they will be able to see their rider more often.

More Racing Oppourtunities

The TORN schedule gives everyone the oppourtunity to race in multiple classes every weekend. It is possible for everyone to race both Saturday and Sunday, letting you chase two championships!

Family Atmosphere

TORN is a family friendly racing series. We enjoy fierce competition but we do so with a Christian attitude making all racers feel welcome from the moment they come in the front gate untill they pick up their award after the race.

Christian Values

At TORN, we have youth games and bible studies every Saturday night at 6:30 with our youth pastor Beau Otto. At the same time Saturday, our preacher Cliff Spain holds an adult bible study that anyone is welcome to attend. Sunday morning before the races begin, Cliff gives a 20 minute sermon. Cliff is also available all weekend if anyone needs to talk. Cliff Spain: 940-389-7665. TORN also holds a free Christian riding camp during the summer.

Hosting a Race

If you have property that is 150 acres or larger then you could have a TORN race on your property. TORN pays you money and we do all the work. All you have to do is provide the property. We like to race on properties within 100 miles of the DFW area. If you're interested, email or call Angie.